Electric Water Floating Toy

  • $27.90


  • This product is made of environmentally friendly and healthy imported food-grade ABS + TPR material, which is firm, anti-wear, and durable. It can play with multiple dogs at the same time, which can effectively improve the dog's intelligence in the process of learning to use.
  •  This is a multifunctional pet dog toy, which integrates the functions of spray water, floating on water, grinding teeth cleaning, and other functions. This is a toy that can bring multiple happiness to dogs.
  •  [intelligent water spraying] this product is an intelligent water spraying toy. When the product is put into the water, the toy will automatically spray water upward. When the toy is taken out of the water by the dog, the water spraying will automatically stop, which can effectively improve the dog's interest in playing.
  •  [simple to use] it can be directly put into the water to play for dogs when they go out for swimming or bathing. It can bring more fun to dogs, increase their feelings with their owners, and make their lives happier.

Package Included:

  • dog toy*1